Module 1: Forces and Motion

Please review pages 220-243 in Science Handbook and Science Journal. These pages have the vocabulary words needed for the following words.

_The location of an object

_The amount of space between two objects or places

_The path on which something is moving

_How fast an object moves over a certain distance

_A push or pull

_A force that occurs when an object rubs against another

_To change in speed and direction over time

_ A force that moves an object or changes an object’s motion

_A machine with few or no moving parts

_Two or more simple machines put together

Explain and give an example of a simple and a compound machine. (see page 236 and 242)

Two puppies are pulling on a toy in opposite directions with equal force. Explain if the force is a balanced or unbalanced force. (see page 232 and 233)

How can a force change the motion of your bicycle? (see page 227)