Third Grade Newsletter April 20, 2018

It is hard to believe that May will soon be upon us. We have so much to accomplish. We understand that the children are very busy with their spring sports. In addition, the excitement for summer and “The Carnival” is very high. Please remind your child that we have many things to learn and that focusing on their school work and listening to teacher directions should be their main priority. There are just a few weeks left of school and we want them to be productive ones. Many students are telling us that they have late night activities and do not have time to do their homework or study for tests. We understand their excitement but we really need their attention in these last weeks before the summer fun begins. We have talked about this in class as well but reminders on this subject from home would be very helpful. We thank you for your support with this matter.

Here’s what’s happening in class this week:

Religion: Ch. 23 (3B) The Church Respects All People is on Friday,4/27
Ch. 22 for 3A. 3A did Ch. 23 this week.

Reading: Guided Level Reading >>>>> Poetry

Spelling: ie, ei, ai and ia words

Word and dictation test is on Friday, 4/27.

English: Ch. 5 test on Adjectives is on Thursday, 4/26.

Math: Topic 12 Time. In class assessment on Friday, 4/27

Social Studies: Unit 5. Lesson 1 >>>>National Government

Science: In class assessment

  • May Crowning is on Friday, 5/4 at 10:30 in church. Please make sure your child brings his/her rosary to school for this day.
  • Apostles Creed must be memorized by Friday, 5/18
  • Poetry assignment is due no later than Wednesday, May 16th. The rubric for this assignment has been sent home.
  • Math fact (X) practice should be a part of your nightly routine.
Have a wonderful weekend and may you be “Alive in Christ” in all that you do. May God bless you. Enjoy the beauty of the earth.

Mrs. Krupp and Mrs. Diffley